Our Mission
Ettehadrah Consulting Engineers with the aim of design and supervision of infrastructure projects, established on 1981. The main activity of this consulting engineers is based on design and supervision of road and railway projects.
For over  35   years, Our expert team of around 2,500 employees has been contributing to the development of infrastructures in the aviation, railways, roads, urban transport and ports sectors.

Our Policies

Our policies have positioned us as one of the most competence companies in the market. We have been granted various Low cost and professional engineering consulting service from concept to launch!
Our high-level technological knowledge brings advanced solutions to the projects that have been done in the past ,Also ongoing projects.
At Ettehad Rah we take pride in providing integrated solutions, driving innovation and being a long-term partner shaping the evolution of mobility.

Long Term Partner
We think and act on a long-term scale: this makes us the perfect partner for operators seeking sustainable growth and enduring success. Customers appreciate that we’re by their side for the entire product lifecycle, from enabling the smooth entry-into-service of their vehicles to maintaining and servicing their fleet. With their expertise and commitment, our employees are at the core of our success. Working hand in hand with our global network of top suppliers and partners, we continuously shape The Evolution of Mobility.
Our solutions create substantial benefits for operators, passengers, societies and the environment. We combine the largest product range with decades of in depth experience to develop innovative solutions.

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